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About Fiona

Fiona Simpson career and personal history. Including training

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Fiona grew up locally and has been involved in the local area all her life. Fiona has held a senior management position at a large company for many years. Fiona has been interested in helping others as she was helped in the past and her long standing work in the local voluntary sector further fuelled that into a passion. Around the turn of the millennium Fiona had some health challenges that led her to her local GP. It was here that her interest in complementary treatment/medicine started when her broad-minded GP said that standard medicine could not help her and that she might like to try a complementary route. Since that day Fiona has experienced a wide range of complementary treatments including Kinesiology, Homeopathy and Hypnotherapy.

It was following these experiences as a client of various therapists, that Fiona started her training in the complementary health sector. In 2002 Fiona trained in Indian Head Massage and during this course Fiona started on her spiritual journey as she experienced the power of energy healing. This led Fiona to do her initial Reiki training and has since taken her advanced Reiki training. In 2010 Fiona expanded her Reiki practice by becoming a qualified practitioner in Reiki Drum. Keeping with the energy healing theme, Fiona also studied Crystal Healing and offers this as part of a combined energy treatments.

During this time Fiona had been repeatedly drawn towards hypnotherapy and successfully completed her Diploma course in Hypnotherapy in April 2009. Fiona has followed this up by training as a Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner in 2012. Fiona then trained in the Swan protocol in 2015 and is studied SleepTalk becoming an Accredited Goulding SleepTalkTM Consultant in 2016.

Fiona is also interested in aromatherapy and fitness training.