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Quarter-life crisis real or fiction?

Twenty somethings are now being diagnosed with Quarter-life crisis. They report high levels of stress & anxiety and are suffering from multiple breakdowns in their short lives.

Twenty somethings are lonely despite so many communications mediums that older folk didn't have at their age. They meet with their friends and feel empty at the end of the night.

Is this real or just life? Another label to use to explain behaviours or seek acceptability? I don't know. I think that every generation is facing different pressures than before and that society still expects us to cope with it.

Thankfully mental health is more on the agenda than ever before and it is starting to shake the stigma it had. Even our Royal Family has come out to talk about mental health.

So for me personally you can feel low at anytime of your life. If you like a label then here is a new one. 

What can you do to help if you feel low?  seek professional help early, engage with a charity that provides you with support, be truthful with yourself and move your body, breathe deeply and listen to you soul.