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Past lives - real or imagined?

What is a past life?

If you believe in reincarnation or a continuous (after death) soul, then a past life is the previous bodily experience that you have had. If not then you are probably of the opinion that it's all mumbo jumbo.

Why do I care?

Other than as part of your own belief system or religion, there is probably no need to be bothered with any lives you have lived (or not) in the past. There are many theories that we come back to a human life to learn something that we didn’t get right before and that is one of the reasons that we don’t remember them.

However if you are stuck trying to make a change in your life and you are out of ideas then knowing about your possible past lives may provide insights which could be helpful in understanding what it is that is keeping you stuck.

Oh and it might be fun!

Is it real?

Well now, this is one of those "does God exist" type questions. We cannot prove it one way or the other. Obviously there are believers and nonbelievers. Is it really possible that hundreds of people were Joan of Arc or that you were King Arthur?

But there is also another option. What if the past life is your subconscious mind’s means of communication? Just like a story or metaphor, it may be a way of communicating its message to you.

I do know that, as a Hypnotherapy client myself, I experienced a past life and that experience or story has helped me make a change in my life.

How do I access a past life?

There are different ways to access past lives. These include via an Angel or Tarot card reading, spiritual development and journeying, like Reiki Drum. Alternatively, you can experience a past life through hypnosis, where you are guided back through this life and beyond by your therapist

How will I experience it?

This will depend on how you experience your memories. You may see your past life as a film or as if you are reliving it; you may hear it or you may get a sense or a feeling of it.

What do I need to access a past life?

Let’s start with an open mind - If you don't want to, you probably won’t. If you are using hypnosis; you would need a willingness to engage in a hypnotic state (like a day dream state), and for it to work at its best, a feeling that you want to trace back or resolve.

What if I get upset or it is disturbing?

It is possible that you will find out something that is upsetting or goes against your values today. Your therapist will know if you are experiencing distress and will facilitate easing it or dealing with it. You will leave the session OK.

Will I remember the past life once I have accessed it?


What time period will I go to?

As I rather flippantly said above, we can’t all have been Joan of Arc! If your subconscious is using a story to convey something to you, it is likely that it will use a period of history that you know about or are interested in. This may explain the reason that many people’s past lives are significant figures in history.

If they are real then you will go wherever you have been. That could be your past life a century or even many centuries before.

Is this therapy guaranteed?

No. The mind is complex and comes without certainties. It may not be the 'right' time for the messages to be communicated. You might not be in the 'best' place for those messages to be dealt with. It could just not be the right day or you could experience something unique and special that may or may not have happened, but could change your life.

Will the past life be about the lifetime or the death?

The answer to this question is held in your subconscious. Your subconscious will focus on the area that you need to know about. Your therapist will know if you are experiencing distress and will facilitate easing it or dealing with it.

Tales of a therapist

I mentioned that I experienced a past life as a hypnotherapy client.  I used a feeling to go back and this life was based in a North American tribal camp. I wasn’t Hiawatha, but a tribe member. My experience was of sitting round the camp fire in the evening, eating, dancing and singing. At the end of the evening we retired and I died in my tepee. Observing my death was not at all distressing, but peaceful. This experience enabled change to happen in this life.

I have also had clients who have experienced past lives and early life experiences that have enabled change including a traumatic birth and a Cornish smuggler.

Want to give it a try?

You can book a session with me (Fiona); just contact me using the details in the contact section of this site and on Sat 21st October 2017, I’ll be running a past life regression day. 

Past life sessions on the 21st are available on a first come first served basis and will run from 9.30 am till 4pm. Each session is carried out on a private one to one basis and last around 1 hour. Charged at £30 (non-refundable) payable on booking.

(The day is subject to minimum booking requirements being met to go ahead and this will be determined 1 week beforehand. If the booking requirements are not meet a full refund will be provided)