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Edinburgh Pain Management Conference 2018 a brief summary


To get trained hypnotherapist together with a focus on pain management. The day included presentations from leading Hypnotherpists on different techniques that are effective in the management of pain.

My purpose for attending was to network with fellow therapist and enhance my portfolio of pain management techniques.

What I learnt

I now have 4 new techniques in my pain management tool kit; these are Old Pain 2 Go, Broken heart protocol, Clearance protocol and Arrow technique. Each of these techniques can work on chronic physical or emotional pain.

I have also experienced Havening (a touch therapy) and will investigate this further, but my initial gut reaction is that it is not for me.

What I can offer

Previous to this conference I offered pain management to clients. This has not changed (although I will be introducing a pain management package), what has changed is my resources to help clients reach their goals.