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In this blog we will explore motivation; what motivates you and how to get the best motivation for the change you want.


There are two basic forms of motivation

o   Moving towards something

o   Moving away from something

These 2 types of motivation stem from our past where we might be attacked by a wild animal or need to go hunting for food (away, towards).


Many of the clients that I see arrive motivated away from something, i.e. they know what they don’t want.

I don't want to feel anxious

I want to lose weight

I don't want to be in pain

I want to stop being unhappy in my relationship

  This could lead to a lack of motivation when the person achieves a percentage of the thing they want to get away from; well I’ve lost a few pounds so I’ve done well. I’m near enough.

Even a ‘towards’ motivation (while longer lasting) can fail as the reward diminishes.

  Lots of people are very articulate and passionate when they tell me what they don't want, but struggle to express what they do want instead. This can be because they are generally motivated away from things; however it is very difficult to have or strive for NOTHING!

Habits and habitual behaviour will repeat - especially when there isn't a solid alternative to move to.

  Consider for every change that you set what you don't want and what you do want.

Also consider connecting the change to your self-image too. This will help you to keep motivated and achieve the change you want.

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