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More than 80% of New Year resolutions fail by February

Many people use the New Year to make themselves promises. These are often about fitness, weight loss or being a better person. But over 80% of these are broken by the time we end the first month of the year. What is the cause of this? After all we must have wanted this in the first place to have made the resolution.

The reason (as if often the case) is not just one thing. Failure of our resolutions falls into these areas:-

Lack of desire,

Unclear goal,

Lack of steps to achieve,

Not the best thing for you,

Don’t know the outcome.

So how do you achieve your goals and resolutions? Here are some tips.

1 Set an achievable goal

Is it something that you can actually make happen? Is it doable in the time frame?

2 Make that goal clear (simple is good here)

Can you define it, write it down, and understand it completely?

3 Know what you will have when you have achieved it

How will you know when it is completed? How different will you be?

4 break your goal down into smaller steps

Plan to get there, if not how do you know you are making progress?

There are many techniques (NLP and Hypnosis) that can also help with goal achievement. Get in touch to find out more.