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Stick it in a bag!

Often we are either trained as children, by social pressure or feel obliged to put negative emotions or events into a bag (or maybe a cupboard – who doesn’t has a skeleton lurking in a cupboard!); somewhere out of the way. Sometimes this is done with the intention to deal with them later or maybe that we have never been taught the skills to deal with these and hence we put them in that place because we don’t know what to do with them (This may be one area where the USA has a better grasp than we do – having a therapist in the states is far more common and normal).

The problem with the bag (or cupboard) is that bags are not bottomless and if we keep stuffing things into them they become pressurised and can break, explode or overflow. This can happen at any time possibly, with no warning and the fallout can be devastating.

We all need ways to manage our bag. This can be simple things like doing self-care activities for example talking to a friend or going for a walk in nature. You may consider an activity like mindfulness or you may engage a therapist (see How to choose a therapist for how to choose a therapist). There are many ways of dealing with the contents of a bag – some of them are fun, some may provide you with a tool for life.

Prevent the pressure in your bag building up; stop breaks / spills and overflows.

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Fiona Simpson