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Simple ways to change how you feel

Make yourself content and happy.......

Make yourself content and happy.......

In my last blog I wrote about the importance of your breath and how the controlling of your breath can calm your brain activity. This got me thinking about the connection between the physical, environmental and emotional states. In Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP) there is the model that describes the connection between each of these. So in the same way that changing our breathing can calm our brain activity, changing one of these 3 elements can impact one of the others.

 What does this mean ….

 It can be as simple as moving to a different room (environment) can change your mood. Sometimes people will say that they feel different in certain places. This is the direct link between mood and environment. This is also thought to be behind that old problem of walking into a room with the purpose of getting something, only to get there and find you can't remember what you came for. You have changed your environment.

 Have you ever tried to feel depressed while laughing (physical)? It's not easy. While your laugh may feel forced and unnatural, your mood will have changed. This is why our breath can be so influential in the way we feel (as explained in my last blog)

 You may also experience this effect in the business environment where people are advised to stand when making a tricky phone call or you are shown into a special room, like a boardroom or interview room. Thinking about these environments certainly changes the way I feel. What if your interview was in the canteen, how would that make you feel?

 Being aware of how our environment and our physicality can affect our mood give us a choice, do we like the way we feel? If not maybe a change to our location or our being will make it better?