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Can feeling bad be a gift?

We are brought up to dislike negative emotions and as an adult we are encouraged by society not to show emotions; particularly the negative ones. However, can these negative emotions actually have a positive side? Here is some food for thought….

·       Feeling sad can focus our attention on the details, this means we are more in tune with ourselves and our surroundings.

·       Being pessimistic prepares us for the worst that could happen (and hopefully it will never be that bad)!

·       A feeling of guilt can be a wake-up call to check our moral compass / beliefs, are you going against the real you?

·       Anxiety (when under your control) can lead you to creative problem solving, as can anger.

·       Jealously can motivate you to put in more effort to be better

While negative emotions can be a burden we can also look for the positive and the learning….

There is another way….

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