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Pain Management Testamonial

How it all started:-

Picture an old man, literally hobbling across a car park, bent in pain, with tears in his eyes partially due to the pain and partially due to the frustration he was feeling. This was an old man who used to be a judo player, with 37 years of experience in the sport (and 24 of those as an instructor). He now had a problem with a burst disc in his spine, the protruding jelly from the disc pushing against the nerves that run down his legs into his feet. The pressure of this jelly against the nerves was causing him all sorts of pain and sensation difficulties, the worst of which was, that after about 100 yards of very careful ambling, his legs would suddenly feel like they were cramping on the outside of both calves and there would be shooting pains in both ankles (“like knitting needles being pushed through”). This was causing the hobbling and the pain and the frustration at the lack of mobility in a formerly quite active body.

Then he bumped into the Angel, the Fairy Godmother, the Genie … Lilac Pearl, the one who changed his life!

The old man had known her for several years as a business contact, and had maintained a nodding and friendly acquaintanceship with her whenever they passed at work. This time she stopped and chatted with him a little longer than usual, making enquiries about his obvious difficulties. A few days later they bumped into each other once more. Again he was hobbling and again she chatted with him and noted that things didn’t seem any better, so he told her a bit more detail about his problems. A few more days later and the old man was hobbling into the office, saw Lilac Pearl on her way out of the building obviously in a hurry to get somewhere, but she stopped long enough to press a business card into his hand and suggest that he have a think about Hypnotherapy and then perhaps call her for a chat, but …. Only if HE wanted to.

He went away and spent a weekend researching Hypnotherapy in general and specifically Hypnotherapy for Pain Management on the inter-web-net-www-thingy, thinking to himself “What is this mumbo-jumbo, I am a scientist and have been since school, where is the proof, how can I cope with something that seems to be beyond the scientific, something that appears to be more to do with faith?”.

The Turning-Point:-

At the start of the following week, the old man had to hobble in pain into the office. This was the point in time when he was yet again awaiting an appointment with the Pain Management Team at the hospital, his previous paraspinal injections had worn off, and due to the machinations of the “NHS Beastie”, he still had two months to wait before even getting to see the PM Team, and probably a further month or two before anything would be done (like another set of paraspinal injections). The pain, the frustration and the fear, yes, fear about how he was going to cope, were palpable entities flying around in his head. He made the decision to phone Lilac Pearl and have a chat …..

How it went:-

The initial phone call led to my first appointment before the end of the week. At this appointment Lilac Pearl took a lot of notes about the history and the way things were for me now. She had already shown her caring, compassionate and nurturing personality in her initial approach to me, but the first session just completely reinforced my previous impressions. She made it so that even I (a true stiff upper-lipped Brit) was opening up to her and telling her how I really felt! I was relaxed by her great attitude and friendly helpful manner, whilst she was very informative about hypnotism and what sort of things I could expect. I was asked to provide some more detailed information (a simple form to complete) and arranged my second appointment.

I was, I must admit, somewhat sceptical still, but had convinced myself that if I was going to be able to at least cope with the pain, that I may as well go into the hypnotherapy thing whole-heartedly, and do my damndest to work with Lilac Pearl and try to follow her lead. I would suggest that anybody seriously contemplating using a Hypnotherapist does so with a similar attitude.

The second session was an Emotional Epic! I will not detail the session or techniques used, but after an hour long session I got up and strode out of the room and across the “Lobby” of Lilac Pearl’s work place. At the door I turned to thank her for the session and was absolutely stunned silly. Lilac Pearl had followed me and just quietly said “You just strode out of here”. That was when it hit me … a sucker punch, an emotional bombardment, a realisation that totally took my breath away. She was right! I had just “strode” out of her room and across the lobby … I had not hobbled, I had not been bent in pain, I had been upright, walking as near normally as I could after nearly three months of hobbling. Her grin was infectious thank heavens, because if I hadn’t started grinning and babbling about how good it was and trying to thank her at the same time, I would have been curled up bawling my eyes out. As it was, my eyes were so full that they very nearly started leaking anyway.

Within two weeks, with help and perseverance from Lilac Pearl, I was able to stroll (gently) across from the office building to the car-park and get to my car without limping even once, with my head up and walking “normally” or as near normal as makes no odds! The searing pains that I had been experiencing now reduced to a manageable throb, enough to remind me that I am injured, but far removed from the level of pain that was enough to make me a virtual cripple.

Now you know why I call Lilac Pearl; the Angel, the Fairy Godmother, the Genie … Lilac Pearl, the one who changed my life! I cannot express the depth of thanks that I owe Fiona for liberating me from my fears, my anxieties and most of all my PAIN!