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Phobia Package

I am pleased to announce that I am launching a treatment package for phobias. The package is aimed at those people who have found that their phobia is getting in the way of life and know that they want to change that, now.

 The package is designed to cover a wide range of phobias the most common being: Arachnophobia (spiders), Ophidiophobia (snakes), Belonephobia (needles), Odontophobia (dentist), Apiphobia (bees) and Astrapophobia (storms).

 The goal is for the person to regain their control over the object or situation (it may be appropriate to leave the person with a manageable / appropriate fear response). This will be obtained via Hypnosis, EFT and NLP, although not all of these may be used.

 The package will run over a mutually agreed number of weeks – typically 4 with a minimum of 2 sessions. As with any therapy there is no guarantee. Results are dependent on the person fully engaging with me and following my instruction which will include the person needing to willingly participate in hypnotic trance.

 Phobias that are not covered by the package price are: Emetophobia (sickness/vomit), Haemophobia (blood), Thanatophobia (death), Agoraphobia (leaving home) and Acrophobia (heights). These can still be greatly helped with hypnosis and NLP, so please contact me for a personalised plan.

 To book contact Fiona via, phone 07704 195969 or book on-line via

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