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Self-care September

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Self-care is important whatever you do in life. We are not able to function well if we don’t look after ourselves and for the carers among us (whether officially classed as that or not) self-care is an essential part of being there for someone else.

Make September a month to focus on you. As we head into autumn we start to slow down our natural rhythm. Colds and other illness are more likely and can take longer to get rid of. Let’s go there in the best possible version of ourselves that we can.

Here are the daily tips that I have been sharing on social media. Use these if you have missed a post on social media or to get ahead of the game … you may like to plan them into your month in an order that is right for you.

1.        Remember and believe that self-care is essential

2.        Change the voice of your self-talk to a loving one

3.        Make space in your diary for some you time

4.        Forgive yourself

5.        Reserve judgement on your feelings today

6.        It’s ok to have bad days (as long as there are not more bad that good)

7.        Do something fun

8.        Remind yourself that you are worthy of love

9.        Listen to your language today. Notice the pressure you put yourself under and change it

10.    It’s ok to day no

11.    Be good enough. Perfect is impossible

12.    Use an affirmation or positive phrase to support you and your goals

13.    Do something relaxing

14.    It’s ok to ask for help

15.    Make time to do something you enjoy

16.    Notice and celebrate what you do well today

17.    It’s good to take a break

18.    Don’t compare your inside to others outside

19.    Think of something that has happened that you worried about before the event. Reflect on the positives now it has happened

20.    Get your photo album out

21.    Get outside and reconnect with nature

22.    Go with the flow today

23.    Let go of expectations … yours and others

24.    Eat something delicious and healthy

25.    Make space to be still

26.    You are enough just as you are

27.    Start or maintain a gratitude diary

28.    Just for today … slow down

29.    Do some exercise

30.    Write down 3 things that you love about yourself, 3 things that you like about yourself and 3 things that you are grateful for

Wishing you a wonderful month….