Lilac Pearl


Testimonials from Clients about their experience with Lilac Pearl

A quick review to say thank you for helping clear my “foggy” head! Xx

I’ve had 3 Indian Head treatments now and I’m blown away by it’s brilliance . I had a head full of stress & anxiety and Fiona helped rid all my woes. A BIG thank you for all you’ve done.
— Ms B

Before I left I re-read my paper from that really hard bit of work we did. I took it on board and it is making such a difference. I guess I am letting her have her control but in turn her attitude towards me is much better and we are gaining from it. She has lent us her new car to take the kids away and we are having a great time with them. No rules for the trip from Sharon and very much letting us be the grandparents who are free to spoil them a little. Could be our best trip yet. Thank you

Really appreciate your help and I admire your patience and ability - you are the right person to help

Our children are very lucky to have you
— Mr F

Thanks for my Indian Head Massage on Friday, I am still chilled out now and slept like a baby

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the session last week, it’s the first time this year I’ve managed to go an entire week without any painkillers. I’m really happy

“Things have been progressing nicely………………… Once more many thanks for your help, I’m still in awe of how it worked and accept it gratefully!”

My experience with Fiona with Past Life Regression was fascinating – I very quickly became incredibly relaxed, aware of all my surroundings but also aware of “being elsewhere”. I had the experience of viewing past times, places and occupations and was able to discern issues that relate to this life and how evolution progress has been made-but with more to do on the issues raised. I felt as ease and comfortable at all times and am interested to see if further insights are revealed.

“Just wanted to say thank you and give you an update on how the bed wetting went with N. Prior, N has been wetting the bed, and sleeping through it, but on the first night she woke up as it was happening, so that was a big step straight away. Its now been 7 weeks since we started and we have now had 3 complete weeks of dry nights, and in the last week a couple of nights where she’s managed to hold it in all night. All in all we’ve got to the point I was hoping to get to much quicker than I expected, and we even had a holiday away this last week without my having to worry about packing extra bed mats, night clothes etc, so thanks!”

Mrs R writes about her daughter “She is sooooo delighted! Can’t tell you how pleased she is. We are. Won’t let this drop now!”

“Brilliant Fiona! Deeply, deeply relaxing and very effective. I just loved it. Many many thanks” (Meditation)

Now you know why I call Lilac Pearl; the Angel, the Fairy Godmother, the Genie … Lilac Pearl, the one who changed my life! I cannot express the depth of thanks that I owe Fiona for liberating me from my fears, my anxieties and most of all my pain

Thank you for the help sorting back is now liveable.