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Do you make nasty comments?

Do you sometime say something and regret it? Maybe you have said something and you let it eat at you for ages leaving you with a feeling that you need to apologise? Or one of the people say harsh and hurtful things - particularly on social media, not caring, bothering or worrying about the person receiving it.

Why do we do we exhibit these 2 very different behaviours? What could it mean?

It is not even as simple as saying that a person falls into one of the two categories (although there are many people we know who we would categorise as predominantly one or the other – are you thinking about someone in particular now? J). People will adapt their behaviour depending on the environment, the person (or people) involved and their mood. Furthermore the person will do this (mainly) subconsciously.

The increase in social media and online interactions has highlighted this, as when putting finger to screen or keyboard there is a feeling of detachment and anonymity that is not in face to face communication. So it is much easier to dash off a witty comment on an app without considering the recipient. It would be much harder to deliver the same line to the person face to face.

Fundamentally I believe that behind the behaviour someone exhibits is RESPECT (are you remembering ‘the song’ now? Are remembering the Aretha Franklin version or the original by Otis Redding!). When I say respect I’m not just meaning for the person directly receiving the comment or the other people who may see or hear it…. I mean for yourself. If you respect yourself you are more likely to think of and respect your family, friends and colleagues.

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